BION ERP is more than just another software development company.

Through our focus on business process management consulting and intelligence-driven enterprise resource planning (i-ERP), we create an environment where technology and people are synergized.

In this rapidly evolving global business environment, effective and efficient business processes are the key to rapid business growth. As a result, we are here to give tailored, personalized all-in-one solutions to integrate end-to-end business and help your company develop.

We inherently believe that software is a powerful enabler for your business. The core, however, is within the individuals who run it. As a result, our team at BION ERP constantly provides the greatest consultancy and training services to ensure that our ERP solutions are completely utilized by users to their full potential and give unrivalled benefits to its users.

With our worldwide experience in Australia, Singapore, and Austria, we blended the uniqueness of these countries to find the best methodology and working principles. We have executed our offered solutions for many firms in Indonesia, ranging from small to large, from freight forwarding to pharmaceutical, textile, oil & gas, mining, and a lot more.

Dedication, commitment, and passion are all that drive us to deliver the best solutions. Be a part of us and witness the transformation.

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To provide multitudes of businesses with access to digital ecosystem solutions.


To empower business and organizations in accelerating their growth by delivering best-in-class IT solutions, implementation, and business-growth services.