Become a Partner

Are you interested in expanding your network and gaining additional income? Get yourself rewarded exclusively, by partnering with BION ERP and be our extension in reaching out to more businesses.

How to become a BION Partner? What is your to-do list as a BION Partner?

  1. Fill-in your details in below form (and select BION Partner)
  2. Wait for our team to contact you
  3. Provide us further information about your potential leads (Who is your lead, Which industry are they operating in, What is their brief requirements, and other informations, more is better
  4. Set an initial meeting between Lead and BION, and let us do the rest
  5. Once this potential client has become an actual client (deal is closed), we will provide a compelling commission for you.

Commitment as Our Trusted Partner


As our partner, you need to be reachable when we contact you within working hours.


As our partner, you need to attend the initial meeting and be the bridge between BION and potential clients


As our partner, you need to be responsible with all the information you provide to us and maintain our reputation, as you will represent BION to your leads


Rewarding Commission
Exclusive rights of Leads ownership
  • With the BION Partnership Program, if you register the lead first, you have exclusive rights to run with that oppurtunity. That means BION Sales Team and other BION Partners cannot touch it!
High Customer Retention Rate
  • With our proven track record as a turster ERP implementer, we can assure you that we have one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry. Do not wait further join US as BION Partner.
Become One as a Team
  • When you join our partnership program, you are recognized as BION team and we share the same value together.

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